The Autonomy Switchpack connects luminaires that have a 0-10 V interface to the Autonomous Lighting Control System by JDRF Electromag.

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The Autonomy Switchpack is ideal for lighting that does not support a fixture-mount sensor but requires integration into a Smart Lighting system. The built-in relay is rated for 20 Amp (120-347 V) and automatically pairs with up to 4 AutonomySensors.
Input Voltage120-347 VAC (50/60Hz).
Relay20 Amp AC (general purpose, LED driver).
0-10 V dimming output IEC 60929 Annex E sinks up to 60 mA (40 μA maximum circuit leakage to line).
Internal Power Consumption 5 W (maximum).
DALI (to Autonomy Sensors) 250 mA, four (4) Autonomy Sensors (maximum).
Contact closure 12-24 VDC input (dry contact).
Contains an integrated power meter that measures and reports instantaneous power consumed by the controlled lighting load (accuracy of +/– 2%).
Communication Protocol Wireless Mesh.
Frequency 2.4GHz.
Modulation Type Frequency-Shift Keying.
Data Rate 2 MBps (maximum).
Operating temperature 32-122º F / 0-40ºC.
Humidity 0-90% (non-condensing).
Environmentdry indoor use only.
Standard 5 year manufacturer limited liability.

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