Deploy Smart Lighting in minutes, not weeks.

The Autonomy System saves every stakeholder money, time and hassle.
No human involvement is required before, during or after luminaire installation to deploy a full-features Smart Lighting system.


Install light fixtures equipped with Autonomy Sensors and let the system to the rest.


Cuts the cost and eliminates the time involved with deploying smart lighting.


Universal solution for small to large projects and all types of commercial buildings.

  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Motion Detection
  • Tunable White
  • High-End Trim
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Mobile Control
  • Power & Energy Reports
  • Fault Detection

Electrical Contractors

Save money, time and get the job done right by eliminating low-voltage field wiring, control box installation and commissioning.

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  • Affordable.
    Cost parity with the minimum code-compliant alternative.

  • Reduce Installation Time.
    Simply install luminaires pre-installed with Autonomy Sensor and let the system self-configure.

  • Done Right.
    Groups, settings are automatically optimized for site-specific conditions.

Specification Engineer

Reliability, ASHRAE compliance and interoperability.

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  • Reliable.
    Decentralized architecture eliminates single points of failure.

  • Fast.
    Wireless message latency under 50 mS.

  • Interoperable.
    Works with D4i compliant LED drivers.

  • Compliant.
    Meets ASHRAE 90.1 v 2019 Lighting Control Standard.

  • Reduce design time.
    Design effort associated with control boxes, groups and field-wiring is eliminated.

Facility Manager

Reliability, ASHRAE compliance and interoperability.

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  • No Maintenance.
    Add, remove, relocate and replace devices with no setup, programming or technical support.  

  • Low capital expenditure.
    Deploy Luminaire Level Lighting Control at the cost of the minimum code-compliant alternative.

  • Energy Savings.
    Cut lighting-related energy use by 50% using proven energy conservation strategies.

  • Analytics.
    Gain insights to how the system is being used.

  • Personalization.
    Modify all settings and give tenant access through mobile applications.

  • Diagnostics.
    Bidirectional digital communication to LED driver detects faults.

  • Energy Metering.
    Measures power and energy of each luminaire using the electrical meter in each D4i compliant LED driver.

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