The world's first
lighting control system.

The Autonomy Sensor eliminates the design, setup and maintenance of smart lighting for commercial buildings.

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No Control Boxes

Sensors form a secure network and communicate  directly to one another.

No Setup

Data generated in the building is used to configure code-compliant motion, daylight and wall switch groups.  

No Commissioning

Sensors discover lighting arrangement in each room and optimizes all settings based on site-specific conditions.

No Maintenance

The system adapts to change,  allowing devices to be added or removed without programming.

A new direction in Smart Lighting.

Energy savings, analytics, and human-centric lighting at a cost comparable to the minimum code-compliant alternative.


Install light fixtures equipped with Autonomy Sensors and let the system to the rest.


Drastically reduces the cost and eliminates the time involved with deploying smart lighting.


Universal solution for small to large projects and all types of commercial buildings.

A Sensor and a System in One

A fresh approach to the deployment of smart lighting made possible by advancements in machine learning, edge-computing and sensor fusion.

How it Works

Sensors discover their environment by detecting room boundaries and determining the lighting arrangement.

Each sensor uses Near Infrared Light (NIR) to localize co-located sensors to within 50 cm (20 inches) and 25º. The process runs continuously, allowing the system to detect changes in the built environment.

Sensors use data generated in the building to automatically configure motion and daylight groups.

Natural daylight levels and motion patterns are continually analyzed to configure daylight and motion groups, respectively. The group configuration takes effect within minutes of energizing the luminaires and is continuously optimized to adapt to changes in the built environment while always complying with building code regulations.  

Devices communicate directly to one another without the use of external control or communication hardware.

The system uses edge-computing to create a secure network and run decentralized control logic. No external control hardware is required, resulting in zero single points of failure and reduced message latency. The system automatically detects the addition or removal of devices and responds by updating all group configurations.

Smart Features

A full-featured smart lighting control system all contained within each sensor.

  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Motion Detection
  • Tunable White
  • High-End Trim
  • Secure Bluetooth Mesh Network
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Mobile Control
  • Power & Energy Reports
  • Fault Detection

No Field-wiring or Programming

Electrical contractors save money, time and get the job done right by eliminating low-voltage field wiring, control box installation and application programming. Let the system create a secure wireless mesh-network and self-configure groups that comply with the building code.

Reliable & Scalable

Specification engineers gain peace of mind by choosing a system architecture that has no single-points-of-failure and that can scale from the smallest to the largest projects. Simply specify the Autonomy Sensor and compatible LED driver let the system find optimal communication parameters.

Industry standards

All inter and intra-luminaire communication complies with open standard protocols.

Saves Energy and the Hassle

Facility managers enjoy the energy conservation and analytics of smart lighting at a dramatically lower cost. Tenants gain frictionless access to the latest human-centric features from their mobile devices. Maintenance is eliminated allowing spaces to be freely reconfigured without worrying about the network topology or system constraints.

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