Deploy Smart Lighting in minutes, not weeks.

The Autonomy Sensor eliminates need to design, program and commission a Smart Lighting System by automating all setup and maintenance functions.
No human involvement is required before, during or after the installation of light fixtures equipped with the Autonomy Sensor.

System Self-Configuration

The system automatically creates a secure Bluetooth Mesh network and configures all daylight, motion and wall switch groups. Sensors discover the lighting arrangement and analyze data generated in the building to optimize all network and group settings based on site-specific conditions.

Creates the Network
Detects Room Boundaries
Configures Groups

Energy Conservation

Save energy without added cost, setup time and complexity. The system optimizes motion detection, daylight harvesting and high-end trim features based on site-specific conditions with no user input.

Motion Detection
Daylight Harvesting
High-End Trim


Facility managers get detailed insights into the operation of the system without the need for expensive control infrastructure.

Energy reports
Commissioning documents
Meaningful insight

Human centric lighting

Easily pair your smart device by simply tapping it to a wall switch or touch screen.

mobile application
Personalized Lighting
Open API